How To Pack Glasses For Moving?

Moving is a hard task. Imagine how would you feel if you break or lose the beautiful traditional glass set your late grandmother gave you

Ahh! It’s going to break your heart.

House relocation always drains you. Whether you are moving just to a house in another lane or packing for a long-distance move, some items require special care so they arrive at the new location without damage.

These fragile items are one of those items which you would require to unpack as soon as you reach your new location. And trust me packing glassware is not an easy job.

This blog by Melbourne Cheap Movers will provide you with some helpful tips on how to pack glasses, mugs, cups, and wine glasses for moving with utmost care and simplicity. You can even use the same method to pack dishes.

Packing Material

Packing Material

Before you begin packing glasses you need to collect the following packing materials with little effort.

  • Double corrugated Medium-sized boxes
  • Packing paper, bubble wrap, or any other soft material
  • Packing tape
  • Cardboard dividers (optional)
  • Scissor
  • Marker

You can choose to use packing paper or bubble wrap as per your preference. Let me give you an important tip. Packing paper is much better than bubble wrap. It is much easier to use. Bubble wrap often takes up a lot of space.

Step 1 – Prepare the Box

Prepare the Box

First place the moving box on a solid work surface.

Begin by taping your moving boxes using packing tape. Tape the bottom of the box twice for extra reinforcement. Put the tape vertically and horizontally.

If you wondering where to get this cardboard box from, don’t worry!

The easiest place to get the boxes is just to hop off to the liquor stores near you. You can also contact any moving company to help you with the moving supplies.

You can fold the two adjacent flaps down to make it easy for you to keep the packed glasses.

To make packing easy and comfortable we avoid using large boxes.

You need to prepare the moving box before packing glasses. Once you have taped the box, you need to place an extra layer of packing paper inside. Place enough crumpled packing paper or old newspapers at the bottom of the boxes. This will create a thick base for your glassware.

Accidents can happen to anybody; this thick layer of crumpled packing paper will act as an extra cushion protecting your items inside the box from hitting the bottom.

Step 2 – Wrap Big Glasses First

Wrap Big Glasses First

To make it easy for you first sort all the glasses, mugs, and cups as per the sizes. This way you can even pack 2 glasses together. Though it is always better to pack each glass individually.

The stack of paper or bubble wrap should be laid out on a flat, clean surface. Place a glass or mug at an angle in one corner of the packing material.

Start rolling the glass, cup, or mug, and then stuff the ends of the paper or bubble wrap into the opening. Ensure the glass is completely covered.

You can use scissors and tape to cut the packing material and wrap glasses.

If you are packing glasses for the same size, you can even pack two glasses in 1 packing paper or bubble wrap. Dont worry! They will not break. You will still pack one glass at a time.

Follow the same technique mentioned above.

When the first glass has been wrapped using half of the paper sheet, add the second glass and continue wrapping. Fold the paper ends into the opening and stuff them in.

If you are planning to stack the glasses, insert a thin layer of packing paper inside the first glass, then stack another glass inside it. You may need more paper for this.

Tuck the ends inside the top glass and wrap the stack completely in packing materials.

Trust me you can use the same method to pack glassware of any kind.

Step 3 – First Layer

first layer of the box

Once you have your wrapped items ready it’s time to box the first layer.

Fold the ends at the bottom of your wrapped glasses for tight packaging. At this point, you should not be able to feel the edges of your glasses. If you can still feel it, consider wrapping it with another layer of paper sheet or bubble wrap.

How To Wrap the Wine Glasses For Moving

glass packing

To pack the wine glass begin from the stem. Wrap the stem of the glass nicely with the packing paper. Once done, start rolling the rest of the glass.

This will help you protect the stem, which is the most fragile part of the wine glass.

You can neither stack the packed wine glasses nor pack them together. You need to wrap one wine glass at a time.

Always pack them in the last.

Step 4 – Stuff the Box

wrap the glass

Always stuff the heavy and big glasses, cups, or mugs inside at the bottom of the box followed by the lighter ones.

If you are using box dividers it will create a separate cell for lighter and heavier ones. Add a little packing paper in between so they don’t break with friction when you are moving the box.

If you are packing without the cardboard dividers, the glasses in two layers. A heavy layer at the bottom and top layer followed by small and lighter glasses. Use extra paper or bubble wrap between the two layers to keep the glassware safe.

Remember to place the packed wine glasses on top. As told earlier they should be packed last in the boxes. When you pack them, you need to leave room at the top of the box for extra cushioning.

Step 5- Cushion The Top

cushion the box

As told earlier, you have to leave some space at the top. Once the box is nearly full, add some bubble wrap or crumpled packing paper. Add as much paper as you want to add to create a thick padded layer on the top before you shut the box.

Seal The Box

Seal The Box

You are all set to seal the box shut. Before that, gently shake the box. You should not hear any noise of the glasses knocking into each other. If you hear some sound, it means there is still empty space.

Add more packing paper. Stuff any excess space with packing material.

Once you are satisfied with your box, seal the box closed with packing tape.

Label the box with the glassware item inside that moving box. Most important, mark the moving box as “FRAGILE ITEM” so it is handled with care.


How can you pack your glassware if you don’t have packing paper?

You can use old towels or bubble wrap or any other soft material to pack your glassware.

Should you follow the same technique of packing glassware whether you move interstate or locally?
Yes, you should you the same method to pack glasses for moving whether it is for long-distance or short.

Where can I find the moving boxes?

You can contact any removalist company or liquor stores to buy moving boxes.

Should I pack glasses upside down?

You can pack glasses upside down if that is the best fit for them.

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