How To Prepare Furniture For Removalists?

Moving to a new location brings a mix of excitement and challenges, and one of the critical aspects is preparing your furniture for removalists.

Proper preparation ensures a smooth and stress-free moving experience.

This comprehensive guide by Melbourne Cheap Movers aims to walk you through the essential steps to efficiently prepare your furniture, along with valuable tips to make the process seamless.

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1. Assess and Inventory:

Before diving into the packing process, conduct a thorough assessment of your furniture. Create an inventory list, noting down each item. This step is crucial for both organization and determining the appropriate packing materials. Knowing what you have will guide you in choosing the right supplies and planning the logistics of the move.

2. Disassemble Larger Pieces:

To optimize space and protect your furniture during transit, consider disassembling larger items like bed frames, tables, and bookshelves. Keep track of screws and small parts by storing them in labeled bags or containers. This not only ensures the safety of your furniture but also makes the reassembly process at your new location much more manageable.

3. Gather Quality Packing Materials:

Investing in high-quality packing materials is essential to safeguard your furniture during the move. This encompasses a comprehensive set of packing materials, including robust moving boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, packing tape, and furniture blankets. These essentials collectively contribute to ensuring the secure and protected transportation of your furniture during the move.

4. Wrap and Pad Delicate Items:

For delicate or easily scratched furniture, such as glass tabletops or wooden surfaces, use bubble wrap or furniture blankets for an extra layer of protection. Secure the wrap with packing tape to prevent it from shifting during transportation. This step is particularly crucial for preserving the aesthetic appeal of your furniture.

5. Label Boxes Clearly:

Labeling is a cornerstone of an organized move. This not only helps you unpack efficiently but also assists removalists in placing boxes in the appropriate rooms upon arrival. Proper labeling saves time and minimizes the risk of damage during unpacking.

6. Secure Drawers and Doors:

To avoid any mishaps during transit, secure drawers and doors using packing tape. This simple step prevents accidental openings and ensures that your furniture and its contents remain intact throughout the move.

7. Protect Mattresses and Upholstered Furniture

Invest in mattress covers and furniture bags to shield mattresses and upholstered furniture from dirt, dust, and potential stains. These covers also act as a barrier against moisture, ensuring your furniture arrives in pristine condition. Taking this extra step helps maintain the hygiene and longevity of your bedding and upholstery.

8. Hire Professional Removalists

Consider hiring professional removalists to handle the heavy lifting and transportation of your furniture. Experienced removalists have the expertise to securely pack and transport your belongings, reducing the risk of damage during the move.

This option is especially valuable for those with larger or more delicate items, providing peace of mind throughout the entire process.

How Much Does It Cost to Move Furniture from Melbourne to Brisbane?

furniture moving

The cost of moving furniture from Melbourne to Brisbane typically ranges from $1,500 to $3,500. There are various factors like distance, services, volume etc. influencing this cost.

Factors Influencing Cost:

Distance: The distance between Melbourne and Brisbane significantly influences the overall cost. Longer distances typically result in higher transportation fees, so it's essential to consider the geographical aspects of your move.

Volume of Furniture: The size and quantity of your furniture impact the cost. More furniture requires a larger moving truck, affecting the overall expenses. Consider downsizing or decluttering before the move to reduce the volume and associated costs.

Additional Services: If you opt for additional services such as packing, unpacking, or furniture assembly at your new location, expect an increase in the overall cost. While these services offer convenience, they come with an additional price tag.

Timing: The cost of your move may vary depending on when you choose to relocate. Moving during peak seasons or on weekends may incur higher expenses due to increased demand for removalist services. Planning your move during off-peak times can potentially save you money.

Tips to Save on Moving Costs:

Plan Ahead: Scheduling your move well in advance allows you to secure lower rates and ensures the availability of your chosen removalist. Last-minute bookings may result in higher costs and limited options.

Compare Quotes: Obtain quotes from multiple removalists to compare prices and services. This allows you to make an informed decision based on your budget and specific moving needs. Don't hesitate to negotiate for better rates.

Pack Yourself: While professional packing services are convenient, packing your belongings can significantly reduce costs. Start early, use the right packing materials, and follow best practices to ensure the safety of your furniture during transit.


In conclusion, preparing furniture for removalists is a meticulous process that requires careful planning and attention to detail. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can ensure that your furniture arrives at your new home in excellent condition. Additionally, understanding the factors that influence the cost of moving from Melbourne to Brisbane allows you to budget effectively and make informed decisions for a smooth transition. Whether you're moving locally or across states, a well-prepared approach is key to a successful and stress-free move.


What are the benefits of disassembling larger furniture items before a move?

Disassembling larger furniture items before a move offers several benefits. It maximizes space in the moving truck, reduces the risk of damage during transit, and makes reassembly at the new location more manageable. Additionally, it can streamline the overall moving process.

How do I determine the appropriate packing materials for my furniture?

Assess the type and material of your furniture to determine the appropriate packing materials. For delicate or easily scratched items, use bubble wrap or furniture blankets. Sturdy moving boxes, packing paper, and packing tape are essential for securing all types of furniture during transit.

Is labeling boxes necessary?

Yes, labeling boxes is crucial for an organized move. Clearly marking each box with its contents and the room it belongs to not only helps you unpack efficiently but also assists removalists in placing boxes in the appropriate rooms upon arrival. It minimizes confusion and ensures a smoother unpacking process.

Can I hire removalists only for transportation without packing services?

Yes, many removalist companies offer customizable services. If you prefer to pack your belongings yourself, you can hire removalists solely for transportation. This option allows you to control the packing process while benefiting from professional assistance in safely transporting your furniture to the new location.

How can I protect upholstered furniture during a move?

To protect upholstered furniture, invest in mattress covers and furniture bags. These covers shield the furniture from dirt, dust, and potential stains during transit. Additionally, they act as a barrier against moisture, ensuring that your upholstered items arrive in pristine condition.

Can I negotiate the cost with removalist companies?

Yes, it's often possible to negotiate the cost with removalist companies. Obtain quotes from multiple providers, and don't hesitate to discuss your budget and specific needs. Some companies may offer discounts, especially during off-peak times or if you're flexible with your moving dates.

How can I save on moving costs?

To save on moving costs, plan ahead and schedule your move well in advance. Compare quotes from multiple removalists, pack your belongings yourself, and consider downsizing or decluttering before the move to reduce the volume of furniture. Additionally, be flexible with your moving dates to take advantage of potential discounts during off-peak times.


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