The Ultimate Moving Out Checklist 2024 (Printable PDF)

Your real estate agent has shown you a good avenue to live with your family? But, you fret with the very word of moving. Moving a house is often an extremely stressful and tiring experience, which is why it needs to be done in a planned and systematic way.

Having a moving house checklist helps in keeping things well-organized and making your life easier before, during, and after moving house. Most renowned moving companies use such a house checklist to keep the process streamlined and efficient.

Having multiple checklists for different stages of the moving process keeps it simple and easily manageable.
House Removals

Week-wise detailed moving house checklist

6-8 Weeks Before Moving

The preparation for moving to a new house should start several weeks before the actual moving day with the following checklist.

Hiring Removalist Services

Hiring the services of a professional moving company is the key to moving all your belongings from your old address in a safe, hassle-free, and timely manner to your new residence. Getting quotes from the top removalists in your 4-6 weeks in advance gives you enough time to compare the price and facilities offered by them and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Check For Insurance Coverage

You need to verify if your insurance provider offers moving transit insurance to cover any damage or theft of your house items during transportation, especially while moving interstate. In case your household insurance company does not offer any such facility, you can enquire about home and contents insurance from your removalist service provider. The option for home and contents insurance is provided now a days by every insurance company, all you need to do is to choose a correct plan.

Check The Local Services

You should check out the local services and facilities in your new neighborhood long before you move there. Take time to scout out facilities like schools, shopping centers, medical care facilities, and even utility providers. Talk to your new neighbors about any interesting local memberships and the process of availing them.

Initiate Any Record Transfer Processes

Initiate the process of getting the various records, such as medical records of family members, payroll details, car registration, children’s immunization, and school records, etc., transferred to the new address. Also update your address in bank accounts, and insurance policies or other such important documents.

1-2 Week Before the Move

During the one or two weeks before the move, the following checklist can prove extremely helpful.

Sort Out Furnishings and Belongings

You should make a detailed inventory of the furnishings and belongings you have and those that you will be taking to the new home. If you own too much stuff organize a garage sale to sell items you no longer use. Apart from returning any borrowed items, donate some items to a local charity, or simply dispose of items such as garden chemicals and air bottles.

Separate Different Items

You should take time to separate the different types of household items for easier and faster packing. Separate items according to room destination, decorative items, or the ones that need to go into storage facilities. Also separate items like bed linens, clothing items, cleaning supplies, books and appliances, fragile items, and garden area accessories.

Pay Your Utility and Other Bills

With just one week remaining for the move, you need to make sure that all your utility bills are settled. These may include the bills of subscription services, electricity and water bills, and other utility services. You should also seek mail redirection service from your local post office besides transferring your electoral roll from the electoral office.

Plan For Your Pets and Kids

Assign the task of supervising pets and children to responsible family members and provide them with complete details about both kids' needs and pet requirements. You can also send the pets away with friends and family for a few days along with the pet medical records.

Take Out Old Packing Materials

Even if you have hired a removalist company, it is advisable to take out any old packing materials you might be having. These may include packing boxes, zip lock bags, clean white butcher’s paper, cushioning material, bubble wrap, and other packing materials. Start packing your stuff in the packing boxes before the moving company arrives to make the process quick.

1-Day Before the Move

The following moving-out checklist can come in quite handy on the day before the move.

Disconnect Your TV And Other Appliances

Be sure to disconnect your pay TV, fridge, and other appliances on the day before the move. Tighten the lids on all jars containing liquids, cleaning fluids, and bathroom necessities that may spill. Double-check your moving documents and other contents of insurance papers.

Plan Your New Home Settings

Check the floor plan of your new home and discuss the placement of various items there while taking a few tips from your old home settings. Having an idea of proper furniture placement helps speed up things on a moving day. Take out time to meet your new neighbours and try engaging with them.

Pack An Overnight Bag

Pack a bag with essential personal items, one set of clothing for each family member, a small first aid kit, and any important mail. Pack a separate survival kit for the kids besides making sure that pack any precious items to carry them safely with you.

On Moving Day

Follow the below-given checklist on a moving day to ensure that everything is managed smoothly.

Oversee the Packing

Oversee the packing of various items without getting in the way of the packers. Check the type of moving boxes used for different items, the method of packing indoor plants, and breakable items like wine glasses, decorative items, light bulbs, etc.

Check The Transportation Vehicle

The size of the moving van used by the removalist may differ depending on the final volume of your belongings. However, make sure that the van is spacious enough to accommodate all your belongings compactly and safely to minimize the risk of damage during transportation.

Share Contact Info

Before leaving your old house be sure to share your contact details with your neighbors, friends, and even your new tenant.

Final Thoughts

Following a moving house checklist minimizes the chaos and confusion on the big day itself. It is equally important to avoid the urge to start unpacking on the day of the move itself. Keep essential items like toilet paper, personal care items, and other such things handy, and ensure that you switch on the hot water system to get by during the first couple of days at the new place. Lasr but not the least, double check your list before venturing out of your old house to your new address.


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